Parts are parts, and tools are tools, and they’re all very valuable to your business. But while the right parts and tools may help a business run, they can’t help it grow.

For that, you need people.

People with experience. Foresight. Intuition. Creativity.

People who can make things happen and get things done.

People like us.

At Buckeye Industrial Supply, we’ve been helping people in the machining business run things more efficiently, more productively and more profitably for more than 65 years. And we’ve done it, not by just selling tools, but by selling a unique understanding of the business.

You need tools? We’ve got 'em.

You need help with your process? Your productivity? Your inventory management? It's all part of what we do.

We're the behind-the scenes guys. The “who-ya-going-to-call” guys. The fixers, the facilitators, the enablers, the connectors.

We structure. We organize. We collaborate. We help. We make things happen. We move things forward.

We get things done.

And we like nothing better than to make our customers look good, whether it’s by helping them overcome obstacles, or by just helping their businesses run more smoothly and more profitably.

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