How We’re Different

We’re not just in the tool business. We’re in the productivity business. That’s what makes us different.

Does our competition offer some of the same products we do? Sure they do. But they don’t approach your business in the same way.

We customize our services for every business we serve. We take the time. We do the research. We get to know the specific needs and objectives of every customer. Then we apply the right combination of inventory, technical expertise, knowledge of local markets, and the kind of creativity and intuition that only comes from decades of experience, to create a competitive advantage for our customers.

We measure performance — both yours and ours. We expect our customers and their management to hold us accountable for the work we do — on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

We never stop working on savings.

  • Unit Cost Savings
  • Product Replacement Savings
  • Productivity Cost Savings
  • Regrind Cost Savings
  • Inventory Management Cost Savings

To us, a vending machine isn’t just a delivery mechanism. It’s part of an overall inventory control system that collects data. At Buckeye Industrial, we have the experience and the expertise to help you use that data to drive activity that can make you more efficient and more profitable.

We’ll work right beside you. Literally. In some instances, we place a Buckeye Industrial employee on a customer’s worksite, every day. If your needs require it, that person will become an extension of your work force, solve problems as they happen, and review data as it comes in. The customers who choose this option find us an invaluable ally in improving productivity and the way they do business.